Middle School Physical Education Students of the Month - October 2021

Each month the physical education department at the RCS Middle School will be recognizing individual students for the hard work they demonstrated in class during the entire month.  

A big congratulations to the Physical Education Students of the Month for October; Carter Bullock (Grade 6), Allison Leonard (Grade 6), Louisa Engelhardt (Grade 7), Cameron Einhorn (Grade 7), Marley Lyle-Marley (Grade 8), and Joseph Foy (Grade 8)!! 

Here is a brief description of each student’s contributions to their class: 

Carter Bullock - Carter always does an outstanding job in Physical Education class. He always comes to class prepared, is respectful to others, and displays sportsmanship in all class activities. Carter is always motivating and encouraging others around him to do the right thing and participate in class activities.   

Allison Leonard - Ally always does an amazing job in Physical Education class. She has a positive attitude in class and displays her best effort during all class activities.  Ally sets an excellent example to her classmates on being respectful to others following directions, and coming to class prepared. Ally has had a positive impact on the whole class.  

Louisa Engelhardt - Louisa always participates in class, demonstrates great sportsmanship skills, and is always on time for PE class. Louisa is always kind, respectful, and helpful to all the students in class. Louisa also always demonstrates great leadership skills during class warm-ups, class activities, and class games. 

Cameron Einhorn - Cameron always demonstrates great enthusiasm and effort skills during every PE class and the energy level that he brings to class is outstanding. Cameron is always ready to participate in every class, on time for every class, and always helps other students out if they have a question about a certain activity or rule of a game. Cameron is always kind, respectful, caring, and helpful to all other students in his class. 

Marley Lyle-Marley - Marley makes sure everyone in the class is included in every activity. She is always on time and always participating. Marley walks into class with a smile on her face; you can feel the energy beaming off her. As activities start, Marley uses effort and sportsmanship to complete each activity to the best of her ability. Marley has become such a strong leader in her class, she makes other students want to become leaders as well. 

Joseph Foy - JT is a leader in disguise. Although he is quiet at times, he helps redirect students during instruction and makes sure everyone in the class knows what is going on during activities. He follows directions well and independently includes everyone during game-play. If JT notices students have not been able to use equipment or try to perform a skill, he makes sure they get a chance to shine in the Physical Education setting. 

Huge congratulations to these students on receiving PE Student of the Month for October and keep up the great work! 

Pictured above from left to right -- Ms. Davies, Ms. Powell, Marley Lyle-Marle, Louisa Engelhardt, Carter Bullock, and Mr. Henry.

Pictured above: Cameron Einhorn

Pictured above from left to right -- Allison Leonard and Joseph Foy