Mel working on the new planter bed

This past week Pieter B. Coeymans and A.W. Becker received new planter beds on their school campuses. Pieter B. received seven brand new planter beds for their campus garden. Three new beds were added to the already existing ones at AWB, giving the school nine beds total. The installation of the garden beds to expand the campus gardens will provide classrooms with the opportunity to learn about farm-to-school connections as part of their curriculum. 

The gardens provide an educational connection to so many aspects of our students' programs and studies, like the importance of pollinators to our environment. These new planter beds mean that the schools will be ready to grow more expansive gardens come Spring 2022. This will provide more opportunities for students and the community to participate together. 

Huge thank you to Mel White, Elementary Project-Based Learning Coordinator, staff, students, volunteers, and generous grant donations that made these new planters possible! 

Stay tuned to see how great these gardens will grow! 

Picture Below: New planter beds at PBC

Picture Below: Mel White, Elementary Project-Based Learning Coordinator and Tony Lintner, Math and Science Curriculum Content Specialist

Picture Below: New planter beds at AWB