RCS Community Communications Survey, 21-22

RCS School Community Members,

We are conducting a survey with our RCS community to better understand their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions regarding our current RCS School District communication processes and strategies. We have made several changes and updates over the course of the last few years and are looking for your feedback. This survey is open to students, staff, parents, and the greater RCS community. All feedback is welcome. 

The survey consists of both multiple-choice questions and opportunities to add thoughts and suggestions within each section. The survey takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete and will close on Friday, January 14, 2022. 

This survey focuses on:

  • Individual preferences in how the district communicates.  

  • The quality and quantity of communications from the district. 

  • Suggestions for ways to improve our current communication strategies. 

Please consider participating in the survey located at the bottom of this letter. The information that you provide will be examined by our Communication Advisory Committee. They will develop action plans to improve our connection between our school district and community. All information is private and we welcome your recommendations. If you need a paper copy of the survey, it can be picked up and dropped off at any of our school building main offices.  

We are excited to adapt and improve based on our community's feedback!

Click here for RCS Community Communications Survey, 21-22 

Brian Bailey, Ed.D.