Important Transportation Safety Reminders for the RCS Community; 01-04-2022

Dear Families, 

We are very happy to have been able to provide in-person instruction this year. A major component of our in-person school day is student transportation. Not only to and from the designated school day, but also as we return from field trips, extracurriculars, and athletics. In recent months many people have witnessed dangerous behaviors by motorists around our bus stops and school buses. For the safety of our students, we would like our community to be cautious and careful around our bus stops and our school buses at all times. 

It would be beneficial for our families to take a moment to review our Bus Safety Guidelines.  These guidelines include safety tips, rules, and procedures, with both students and drivers in mind. Some of these guidelines are New York State Law, and violations of the law will be reported. We remind motorists to be cautious around our school buses on the road and when at a stop. Red blinking lights mean “stop!” You can find these complete guidelines on our website here

The district will also be taking extra precautions with our students. We are continuing to arm our buses with additional cameras that will capture illegal behavior around our buses, including stop-arm cameras. We are also working with local law enforcement to monitor our roadways specifically around our schools and bus stops. We hope that these added measures will significantly reduce dangerous behaviors around our bus stops. By working together, as a community, we can help keep our students safe. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach our transportation department at (518) 756-5241.

Thank you for your attention and efforts on the matter, 

Brian Bailey, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools