Student & Mr. A

In December of 2021, RCS Middle School Assistant Principal Chris Adamek challenged students to receive 50 positive referrals as a building in the three weeks leading up to the holiday recess. If they were able to complete the challenge, they would receive a very special prize. The students were not told what the prize would be but were told it would be something very unexpected.  

Positive referrals are used to recognize the students who are making good choices, creating a supporting environment, and representing the RCS School District’s values of inquiry, collaboration, risk-taking, participation, and empathy. Students can receive positive referrals from any staff in the building or their bus drivers for things such as being good citizens, helping others without being asked, or working extremely hard on challenging tasks. 

These students went above and beyond with this challenge! Over the three weeks, middle school students were able to receive 64 positive referrals! They did an awesome job! And the prize? Yesterday, students got to tape Mr. Adamek to the wall during all three lunch periods. 

Congratulations to all of the students on a job well done! They worked hard to share positivity with their peers, teachers, and staff. The students had a great time using their skills to tape Mr. A to the cafeteria wall as well! Check out how it went: