Ricky Graham

This piece was written and edited by Senior Izaak King in Ms. Stumbaugh’s University in the High School (UHS) Journalism Class. They have been working on the Feature Story unit for the class. This course provides an introduction to journalism and the mass media. They cover topics such as media history, the impact of media on individuals and society, as well as ethical and legal issues related to media practices in journalism. Students work to develop the skill sets of reporting and news writing by learning the fundamentals of journalistic writing. 

Building aid and iconic member of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District, Mr. Ricky Graham fights for and ensures the proper rules and regulations are followed by all members of the school district. He holds himself to a high standard and can be seen as a model for all.

“Rick,” or “Mr. Graham,” has worked in the RCS High School for three years. Mr. Graham’s job consists of monitoring the halls and bathrooms, all while communicating with the students and staff, and helping them with any problems they may have.  He enjoys coming in and seeing the students everyday, while helping make sure he keeps them safe.

Prior to his work in the high school, Mr. Graham served as a custodian at A.W. Becker. Mr. Graham first joined the RCS staff because his sons attend the schools, and because he has a lot of respect for the RCS school district. He feels that RCS is a good place for children to grow and he has pride working there.

Although only working at the high school for three years, Mr. Graham quickly gained the trust of the students. Almost everyone greets Mr. Graham as they walk by him, some even shake his hand.

“He’s a calming presence,” senior Matthew Mason said, “he keeps the peace in the hall.” Mason also goes on to mention how Rick is a great person and someone you can joke around with. 

“Speaking for all students, we love and appreciate Mr. Graham’s work at RCS,” senior Na’Sir Miller stated. Similarly, senior Nick Abrams agreed that Mr. Graham, “Makes it a point to be friendly to everyone.” On top of that, Abrams mentions that Mr. Graham is willing to do what he is asked “willingly and with no complaints.”

Various other students agree. Senior Ryan “Big Juice” Graham, Mr. Graham’s son, mentions that Mr. Graham is, “Always willing to talk to someone. He keeps it real.” Furthermore, Nicholas Bonilla goes as far as to consider Mr. Graham as the type of person you’d want to be your best man.

Not only do the students of RCS have a tremendous amount of respect for Mr. Graham, the staff also have a great amount of respect for him. They appreciate what he does for the school district.

Mr. Tedford, vice principal of RCS High School, feels Mr. Graham is a “great asset” for the school. He says Mr. Graham has a good heart, caring not only just about the students but about people as a whole.

Dr. Patierne, principal of RCS High School, couldn’t agree more. She feels that Rick has a really kind and calming demeanor. He does whatever it takes to help everyone be successful. She mentioned that she sees him really connecting with the kids.

Mr. Graham is clearly an important part of the school. With various classes having to be held in the auditorium and cafeteria during the year, Mr. Graham is always willing to monitor the areas to make sure the students have a safe place to focus on completing work their teachers assigned.

Some students, like senior Erik Chapman, go as far as to consider Mr. Graham “the glue that holds the school together.”

It’s no secret that Mr. Graham makes RCS a better, safer, and more productive place for students to continue and complete their high school education. Mr. Graham would like to stay working at RCS as his children progress through middle school and high school.

Mr. Graham undoubtedly sets a good example of what it means to not only be a good worker but a good person. He hopes to continue helping the RCS staff and students for years to come.

Pictured above, left to right: Ricky Graham & Izaak King