Roberto Gonzalez

RCS Senior Roberto Gonzalez is currently finishing up his second year in BOCES Career and Technical Education (CTE) Electrical Trade program on the Albany campus. He spent the last few years mastering the skills needed to work in the in-demand electrical trade field once he graduates this June.

The program focuses on providing the students with instructional and hands-on experience; as they learn about residential, commercial, and industrial wiring. Last year they spent time exploring residential electrical needs, and this year they have been transitioning to a more commercial-based curriculum, covering a wide variety of possible job opportunities. 

“I feel that CTE really prepared me for my future,” Roberto said. “I have a leg up when it comes to getting into a union. We have taken many tours of potential job sites and got to meet one-on-one with companies that are looking to hire.”

CTE is a fantastic option for students who are interested in exploring a trade, a licensed profession, or excel with hands-on learning. RCS students currently have access to 29 different programs. These programs allow the students to explore the curriculum of the area they are interested in and then practice with the help of a professional. 

“I do well with hands-on work,” said Roberto. “I am not a test taker, and I can’t sit for long, but I learn when I am up on my feet doing something,” he continues, speaking about how the structure of the program works well with how he learns. 

Although Roberto is not sure if he will be entering the Electrical Trade field upon graduation, as he might explore a career as an EMT, he knows he has the knowledge and skills to make it happen. 

‘I would definitely go into the CTE program again,” Roberto said when asked if he would make the same choice to enter the program knowing what he knows now. “I really enjoy it, and it is a great opportunity.” 

If you have an interest in learning more about the CTE program, visit here.