New Series – Staff Spotlight with Long time Teaching Assistant Diane Pry

Examples of the teaching profession come in many forms and include the attributes of leadership, compassion, instructional knowledge, and the ability to make connections with today’s students. From bus drivers to full-time faculty to teaching assistants and everything in between, the mission stays the same: to increase student success – no matter how big or small – while allowing them to be their best inside the classroom. Today, we celebrate someone who has played an instrumental role in that development for nearly 23 years. Meet Mrs. Pry!

During her career, she has performed a number of roles in providing one-on-one guidance for students, while strengthening their pathway to success within our campus buildings. For over two decades, she continues to display a key role at RCS. From chaperoning school-based events to engaging students with instructional outreach, she maintains a steady influence within the school community.

Today, we share her Q&A related to her experiences in the district and the work she is performing in the classroom!

How long have you worked at RCS?

I started working at RCS as a sub in 1998. I started full-time in 1999. I have worked in all four RCS buildings in grades Pre-K through 10. Next year will be my 25th year with the RCS School District. 

What RCS Programs have you been a part of during your tenure? 

Over the years, I have been a consultant Teaching Assistant, worked one on one with students, was an ICM Teaching Assistant, and classroom Teaching Assistant for the 15:1 and 12:1 classrooms.

During my elementary years, I was an active member of the Pieter B. Coeymans PTO. Working at the secondary level, I have been a member of the District Leadership Team representing the RCSSRPA. 

Outside of school, I enjoy chaperoning dances and sporting events! It is a great time to connect with students. 

How do you keep students engaged and having fun while learning?

It’s important for me to develop a rapport with every student. It allows us to build trust and form strong relationships over time. Each student is unique. I try to listen more than talk. 

What is your favorite part about working at RCS? 

My favorite part about working at RCS is the sense of community. I live in the district and have seen so many kids grow up here. It is a great community to be a part of! 

What is your favorite memory as an educator at RCS?

My favorite memory at RCS is the annual field trip to Deer Mountain. The science teachers would bring the 7th-grade students for two days of nature lessons at the preserve behind the school. 

What advice do you have for our students? 

To be successful in school, students should always do their homework. They should also always ask for help when you don't understand the lesson. That is why we are here! To support our students in a way that works for them. 

It’s also important to read every day. Not only does it improve your reading skills, but it opens our students up to worlds beyond their immediate reach. 

Thank you, Mrs. Pry! The RCS School District is lucky to have you!