Middle school student and their artwork

Earlier this week were the Annual Middle School and High School Art Shows! Students, staff,  families, and community members gather at both the middle and high schools to show their appreciation for the hard work and skill of our creative students. 

The shows contained numerous pieces of artwork that students had worked on all year long, as well as work from our National Art Honor Society and Art Clubs. The projects covered a variety of mediums and types, from clay to digital and realistic to abstract. The art represented how far our students have progressed over the last few months, not only within their art and education but within themselves and their confidence. 

“The students did a great job this year, and we were so excited to be able to share their work with the community,” said Middle School Art Teacher Mr. Meservey. “Their heart and effort really shine through in all of the pieces.”

Big thank you to everyone who helped support the event and came out to celebrate. Shout out to the Middle School Jazz Ensemble and Mr. Wamsley for playing some amazing pieces during the show! 

Extra special thank you to High School Art Teacher Ms. Wallace, High School Art Teacher Ms. Baker, and Middle School Art Teacher Mr. Meservey for putting together both shows while supporting the creativity and skills of our students all year long! 

If you couldn't make it but would like to see the show, we got you covered!