Denise Capece

Ms. Denise Capece began working at the Middle School as the Interim Principal in August of 2021. She began this work as a short-term replacement for former principal, Ms. Laura Buzas, who unfortunately left the district due to medical reasons. Ms. Capece was asked to continue in her interim position through the 21-22 school year and has just been selected as the new probationary principal of RCS Middle School effective July 1, 2022. The Board of Education unanimously appointed her at their Wednesday, May 18 Board of Education Meeting.  

The application and interview process for the hiring of a permanent replacement for Ms. Buzas began in February of this year. An interview team represented teachers, support staff, parents, and building and district leaders. The District is thrilled to welcome her into this probationary position as she continues to guide our Middle School students and staff with care and kindness. 

We spoke with Ms. Capece at the beginning of the school year, click here to learn about her journey to RCS. We caught up with her again as she prepares to take on her new position. Here is a Q&A to learn more about the goals, plans, and expectations of the new Middle School Principal: 

Anything you would like to start out by saying? 

I would like to thank the teachers, students, families, and community for providing me with such a welcoming environment. Due to their enthusiasm and efforts to make me feel a part of their team, I have found my happy place! I am very grateful to everyone, and I am excited to continue partnering with our community to help RCS Middle School grow and become even more dynamic than it already is. 

How has the school year gone? 

This school year has been like no other. Despite all the challenges caused by the pandemic, the students and teachers demonstrated resilience, creativity, and an ability to innovate. Everyone has worked hard, and we’re all looking forward to building on this year’s successes. 

What has your favorite part of this year been so far? 

My favorite part of this year has been the events and sporting activities. It has been wonderful to see the students performing in the productions, playing instruments, singing, and participating in sports. I have also been enjoying exploring the academic pathways of our students, seeing how they learn and what we can do to make school more exciting and engaging. 

I am so happy that we’ve been able to get back to this!

What is your favorite part about working at RCS?

My favorite part of working at RCS is the camaraderie. I love the way teachers and staff support one another, the way the PTSO has supported the teachers and staff, and the way teachers support students. The sense of community is so strong, and I feel lucky to be a part of it. 

What advice do you have for our students? 

Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and your heart for love – my door is always open. Middle School can be challenging, with more classes and greater responsibility, but we have a number of opportunities in place to support our students academically and socially. 

What would you like to share with your Middle School families? 

I would like the middle school families to know that we appreciate their support and that we look forward to working together with them to continue making the middle school the best it can be. I invite parents to connect with both me and the teachers and let us know how we can support them, their children, and their families. Every child, family, and situation is different, and we want to be able to support them in the ways that are best for them. 

Do you have any big plans for the Middle School next year? 

We have four exciting new course proposals, and we are hoping to have them in place this fall. Our middle school students need to be able to both learn the core content and gain exposure to the working world beyond graduation. We are also looking forward to installing our new playground, which will be located near the tennis courts. Stay tuned for more details! 

What are your goals for the RCS Middle School? 

There are three things that I would like to see in the future of the middle school:

  • Increased and improved communication between the school and the families
  • Increase family and community involvement
  • Improved academic outcomes for all students

How can families, students, or the community get involved in the Middle School Community? 

Our MS PTSO sponsors many fun events, and we could use some volunteers to help out with those activities. We also have many clubs that often host events or run programs that would always appreciate a helping hand. Additionally, families are encouraged to take part in any of the building-level and district-wide committees. 

How can the families, students, or community get in contact with you? 

I can be reached at the school at 518 756-5200 x 3000 or by email at