NAHS Students at Festival

This past Saturday, the High School National Art Honor Society (NAHS) and Middle & High School Music Ensembles had a fantastic time bringing art and music into our community! They participated in the community-wide, inaugural We <3 aRtCS Music and Art Festival, alongside a number of RCS students, faculty, and alumni that was hosted by the local We <3 RCS & Friends of the Arts community groups. 

The festival, created and put on by RCS Middle School Teacher Ted Smith and AWB Teacher Bridget Engelhardt, as well as Village Trustee Caitlin Appleby and RCS Friends of the Arts President Donna Hommel, among other community members, brought together local music and art talent from residents young and old for the community to enjoy. A fantastic way to celebrate the warmer weather and the exceptional skill and heart of our community. 

The We <3 aRtCS logo was created collaboratively with RCS students! Mr. Smith shared his ideas for the logo with Ms. Wallace and the High School Graphic Design Class. They spent time trying different ways to approach the design based on what the festival founders were looking to achieve with the logo. Once the design was developed, Senior Katie Pagnotta finished off the logo by drawing the interior of the heart which includes different aspects of being a part of the RCS community! This was a wonderful project for students, and they gained experience creating a logo based on the vision that they were given to work with. But this was just the beginning of RCS student and staff involvement…

As part of the festival, NAHS held a variety of visual arts activities open for all to enjoy. There was a Wheel of Art that was fun to spin. After spinning, a NAHS member taught the individual how to draw what they landed on. There was also a community canvas, many members of RCS helped leave their mark by painting a part of the beautiful mosaic-like painting. There was storytime available, along with a chalk art photo booth! Artwork from A.W. Becker Elementary,  Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary, and the RCS Middle School was also on display for the community to enjoy! 
"I am so proud of our National Art Honor Society members. This fall, when they were pitched the idea of being part of the We <3 aRtCS festival, they jumped right on board. The students worked together to come up with a variety of activities that would serve all members of our community, no matter their age or confidence level,” said HS RCS National Art Honor Society Advisor & Art Teacher Christina Wallace. “They spent many afternoons planning and collaborating. There were so many smiles and laughs, it was truly a beautiful day." 
We also had a number of music ensembles from both the Middle and High Schools perform! The Middle School Jazz Ensemble, Select Chorus, Drama Club, and Modern Band, as well as the High School Jazz Ensemble, Harmonics, and Drama Club, all put on spectacular performances for the community to enjoy throughout the day.

“It was such a wonderful event, and we were thrilled to be a part of it. We are so appreciative of the support the entire RCS community has for the arts and cannot wait to do it again next year!” said K-12 Art and Music Curriculum Content Specialist and High School Choral Director Michelle McLoughlin. “We are so proud of our student musicians and are extremely grateful to all of the people who worked so hard to make the festival happen.” 

Huge thank you to all of the RCS students, staff, families, and alumni for all of their support for this amazing event! It was a phenomenal opportunity to bring everyone together to celebrate the skills, talent, and love of our beautiful community! 

Shout Out for all of their hard work and dedication goes to: 
All students and staff who came out to support and participate! 
Ms. Wallace, High School Art Teacher 
Ms. Sarah Baker, High School Art Teacher
Mr. Dobson, High School Band Director
Ms. McLoughlin, K-12 Art and Music CCS & High School Choral and Co-Drama Director
Ms. Kobylar, Middle School Choral and Drama Director
Mr. Moore, Middle School Choral and Modern Band Director
Mr. Wamsley, Middle School Band Director
Ms. Clare Esmond, AWB Art Teacher
Ms. Binnie Chriss, PBC Art Teacher
Mr. Tim Meservey, MS Art Teacher
Middle School Band, Choral and Drama Students
High School Band, Choral and Drama Students
HS National Art Honor Society Students
HS Tri-M Music Honor Society Students