RCS students join local law enforcement in R.A.D. training

During the month of May, a number of RCS High School Seniors registered to take part in the Albany County Sheriff’s self-defense program called R.A.D. through the school. According to their website, R.A.D offers effective self-defense options for women to remain safe while allowing them to actively improve their self-defense skill sets and social-emotional well-being. 

The course, taught by Albany County First Sergeant Kayla Apple and members of the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, is a comprehensive, women-only course that begins with awareness, prevention, and risk avoidance strategies. This class was offered to all the females in the senior class.

“Our students continue to learn, observe and prepare themselves to ensure their personal safety,” said RCS High School Physical Education and Health Curriculum Content Specialist and Teacher Ms. Patty Stockman. “In today’s environment, it’s imperative that students are aware of their surroundings and have the ability to recognize and respond to dangerous situations. This training series offers a certified self-defense program to better prepare our students in a time of need.”

The course took place over two days. Students spent time reviewing materials in the classroom while discussing risk education. They then transitioned into hands-on physical defense simulations. These classes offered the students a safe space to ask questions and practice their safety skills with trained instructors. 

“I am so grateful that the school helped bring the R.A.D program to us,” said RCS Senior Tyler DeMarco. “I learned so much and greatly appreciate everyone who helped make it possible. I am not more confident in myself through this program, I really hope the school continues to have the R.A.D program for all senior girls!”

Big thank you to First Sergeant Kayla Apple, the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, Physical Education and Health Curriculum Content Specialist and Teacher Ms. Stockman, and HS PE Teacher Ms. Shortell for putting together this fantastic opportunity for our students! 

To learn more about this community-based program, click here.