Dear RCS Families and Caregivers, 

It is with much sadness that I am writing this email in response to the recent elementary school shooting in Texas. Our hearts go out to their entire community as they try to make sense of this tragedy and begin to heal from this unthinkable event. 

Whenever there is school violence, it can cause fear, anxiety, and worry for students, staff, and families – and may lead to many questions. Each of our RCS buildings has brought together their crisis response teams (CRT) today to discuss how we can best support our students and staff. Our social workers, psychologists, and counselors are available for any student or staff member who needs someone to speak with. The Albany County Sheriff’s Office is a constant presence in our community but has increased its presence in and around our schools today and tomorrow.  

It is important to stress to your student(s) that our RCS schools are safe places. We recognize there is no simple answer to school safety, however, the district is fully committed to the well-being of our students and staff. Our comprehensive approach to safety includes building improvements, secured entrances, a district safety team, and consistent training and drills. Please also remind your student(s) that if they see or hear anything suspicious, concerning, or questionable, including, but not limited to, specific threats or suspicious activity, they should immediately report these concerns to a trusted adult, administration, and/or law enforcement.

Thank you,

Brian Bailey, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools