The RCS Central School District shared communication with High School families yesterday afternoon regarding a threat that was issued by an RCS High School student. This threat was shared over social media and included a threat of harm to a specific list of students. The Albany County Sheriff's Office is actively involved, has continued investigating, and is taking proper action. RCS has taken appropriate disciplinary action. All affected families have been contacted by the District.

As a reminder, the Albany County Sheriffs are a constant presence in our schools, both through our School Resource Officers and also through regular patrols of our campuses and community. In addition, all RCS Schools have secure entrances, exterior doors are locked, and students and staff perform training and safety drills throughout the year. Please view our District-Wide Safety Plan here. When incidents happen in school, we do our best to notify parents, but we also have a legal and moral responsibility to protect the privacy of our minor students.

The RCS High School has brought together its crisis response team (CRT) to discuss how we can best support our students and staff. Our social workers, psychologists, and counselors are available for any student or staff member who needs someone to speak with. Please remind your student(s) that if they see or hear anything suspicious, concerning, or questionable, including, but not limited to, specific threats or suspicious activity, they should immediately report these concerns to a trusted adult, administration, and/or law enforcement.

The District is thankful the matter was reported and that its law enforcement partners are investigating thoroughly.

Thank you, 

Brian Bailey
Superintendent of Schools