Students learning about rocks from Geologist Brian Slater

Over the last few weeks, third and fourth-grade students at Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary School have been taking trips to Joralemon Park! They spent the day learning about the ecosystems and habitats that exist within the park while working on their research and observation skills!  

The students took part in different stations. They took a nature hike with Project-Based Learning Coach Mrs. White to explore the park. Students also participated in the Creek Creatures Station with PBC Math and Science CCS Mr. Lintner, where they collected and observed specimens from the water and used charts to identify them based on their unique characteristics. They also had a chance to blow off some steam on the playground together. 

Last but certainly not least, students took part in two stations with Geologist Brian Slater from the New York State Museum of Natural History. First, they discussed the rock types and formations that make up the park. They also looked for fossils that exist within the formations. Mr. Slater even brought fossil samples for the students to bring home. For the second station, they discussed fractures in bedrock, the different types of faults that occur in the bedrock, and how those faults can erode to create caves. They also got a chance to check out one of Joralemon Parks’ many caves. 

“This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to get a better look at the details of our environment,” said PBC STEAM and Enrichment Teacher Mr. Powers. “Not only did the students really enjoy the day in the sun, but they learned about the unique features of a park that is in their own backyard. I am thrilled we got to provide them this opportunity.” 

Huge thank you to PBC STEAM and Enrichment Teacher Mr. Powers, Project-Based Learning Coach Ms. White, PBC Math & Science CCS Mr. Lintner, NYS Museum of Natural History Geologist Brian Slater, as well as all of the teachers, staff, and parents that helped make the trip so memorable! 

Additionally, a big thank you to the Coeymans Highway Superintendent Dannie Baker and the entire Town of Coeymans Highway Department for cleaning up the park and specific areas so our students could better explore their environment! 

Here are some pictures from the trips: