Retiree and Dr. Bailey

The Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District recognized and celebrated its faculty and staff who have or will be officially retiring during the 2021-22 school year. The retiring staff members were recognized at the public Board of Education meeting at the RCS High School on Wednesday, June 15.

“We would like to thank the district staff and faculty members who have dedicated their time and service to our school community as they complete their careers at RCS. They have worked countless hours to support our students pathway to become stronger in the classroom and in our community,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian Bailey. “We appreciate their service to our school district and community and wish them the very best of luck in retirement. Thank you, you will be missed!”

The following Ravena-Coeymans Central School District staff and faculty members were acknowledged and celebrated at a ceremony during the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, June 15:

JoAnn Baylis
Colleen Bonacci
Stephanie Branley
Cynthia Burns
Laura Buzas
Joanne Carras
Robert Dorrance
Kimberely Hempstead
Joan Isabella
Ann Jackson
Karen King
Gerry Kohler
Patricia Lefevre
Colleen Sanders
Doreen Valvo
Clayton Welch