RCS Welcomes new School Business Administrator, Jesse Boehme

With the departure of long-time School Business Manager Joanne Moran, the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District began the search for her replacement in early September. 

At the Wednesday, November 9, Board of Education meeting, the Board unanimously approved the hiring of new School Business Administrator, Jesse Boehme. Joining us from Hudson City School District, Mr. Boehme is set to begin on Monday, January 9, 2023. 

Please join us in giving him a warm welcome to RCS! Learn more about him and his work below. 

Can you tell RCS a little bit about yourself? 

I have been in school finance for over ten years and have been a Business Administrator for the last six. I have worked at Chatham, Germantown, and Hudson. 

I live in Coeymans with my wife, Kate. We have four children Aiden (15), Kersey (7), Cullen (4), and Keegan (2). When I am not working or spending time with my family, I enjoy playing rugby for the Albany Knickerbockers.

Why did you want to become a school business administrator?

I started out in the private sector as an accountant but felt like my job was a little bit empty. I switched to being a school treasurer so I could feel like my work was helping someone and was more meaningful.

What inspired you to work in the education field? 

I have always been inspired to work in the education field because both my parents were teachers for 30+ years. I saw how much they did for their students, and I have always wanted to give back as they did.

What are some important skills and qualities a good school business administrator should have?

I think it's very important for a school business administrator to know what's happening in the school finance world. This knowledge gives school business administrators information to make fiscally responsible decisions for the district while supporting the needs of its community. 

A few good qualities a good school business administrator should possess are self-awareness, a focus on relationship-building, exhibiting humility, empowering others, being a role model, and always being fully present.

What motivates and inspires you? 

I am motivated by meeting goals, always learning, and coming up with creative ideas to improve the school where I work. 

My family inspires me; they have always supported and motivated me to achieve my goals. Through thick and thin, my family has walked with me, shoulder to shoulder. They taught me to see my dreams and inspire me to achieve them.

What are some of your goals within your new position? 

My goal is to continue the great work the district is doing by supporting faculty and staff so we can continue to give the best education possible to our students while simultaneously being fiscally responsible for the taxpayers.