Photo of the musical

Another school year, another spectacular performance by the RCS Middle School Drama Club! This year, they will be performing the hit Disney musical Frozen JR. for the greater RCS Community to enjoy. These students have been working tirelessly since the beginning of the year to get this production ready, and ready they are! 

The RCS Middle School Drama Club’s performances of the musical Disney’s Frozen JR. premieres TONIGHT, Friday, November 18! 

The show will run on November 18, 19, and 20. All performances are open to the public. View more information about the performances and how to get tickets here

“We could not be more excited for these performances,” said RCS Middle School Music Teacher and MS Drama Club Co-Director, Casey Kobylar. “These students have truly dedicated themselves to creating a close-knit community amongst the cast and crew, allowing them to work together better and excel as they rehearsed and prepared. I am unbelievably proud of this group of students for all of their hard work and dedication to these performances and each other.” 

The musical, Disney’s Frozen JR., follows the story of Princesses Anna and Elsa as they face an exciting journey, challenges, new beginnings, and new friends! Focusing on the theme of friendship and family, this musical will warm your heart while immersing you in the setting's icy conditions and snowy companions. You will not want to miss this show!! 

This year the performances will take place once again on the High School Stage, giving students a great opportunity to improve their thespian skills in the full theater setting. The Middle School Drama Club is incredibly thankful for all of the support from the students, staff, parents, volunteers, and community members that have helped make the show a success! 

Last but certainly not least, a huge thank you goes out to the Co-Directors, Ms. Kobylar and Ms. VanDerheyden, for all of their dedication and support for our students. 

Break a leg to all of the students involved in the production! Come see them live this weekend!


Elsa: Haley Visone

Ann: Katarina deOlde

Hans: Maksim Moya 

Kristoff: Matthew Ginder

Olaf: Logan Billetts

Young Anna: Angelina Alberts

Young Elsa: Hayley Biel

Middle Anna: Violet Wichmann

Middle Elsa: Hailee Morehouse

Pabbie: Ashley Ellis

Bulda: Catalina Wheeler

Queen Iduna: Jamie Mantor

King Angarr: David Bray

Duke of Weselton: Keelin Wickware

Bishop: Samantha White

Steward: Samuel Robertson

The Oakens: Madelynn Babcock, Owen Bailey

Guards: Paytyn Berenger, Hayden Rossman

Townspersons 1-5: Lillian Staats, Avery Ames, Sage Stumbaugh, Madelene Espinoza, & Isabella Deyo

Castle Staff/Hidden Folk: Sydney Burd, Jaylah Correa, Delia Dowen, Olivia Storms, & Elliana Walsh

Snow Chorus/Summer Chorus: Jacquelyn Cordero, Jamie Mantor, Alice Nickerson, Emalie Ryan, Stella Weddell, & Violet Wichmann

Townspeople: Angelina Alberts, Madelynn Babcock, Owen Bailey, Hayley Biel, David Bray, Sophia Bylsma, Hailee Morehouse, Vienna Nunziato, Kylee Williams, & Skylee Williams 


Stage Crew: Franchesca Batista, Sydney Burnham, Jareth Campbell, Teagan Decker, Elaina Deitz, MaKenzie Eggleston, Adam Gardner, Avery Iafallo, Lucy Martorana, Rowan Newkirk, John Robertson, Arianna Smith, Jack Smith,   Lillianna Smith, Camden Stickle, Matthew Whitten, Janelle Williams, Zoey Zwolinski

Light Board Operator: Jack Smith 

Spotlight Operators: Nate Appleby, Matthew Whitten

Sound Operators: John Robertson, Adam Gardner, Casey Kobylar

Stage Managers: Peyton VanDerheyden, Charlotte Snyder

Tech Manager: Casey Kobylar        

Scenic Designers: Peyton VanDerheyden, Charlotte Snyder

Master Carpenters: Scott VanWormer, Scotty VanWormer

Lighting Designers: Peyton VanDerheyden, Tom Marra, Casey Kobylar

Costume Designers: Cindy Neumann, Rachel Neumann 

Scenic Painters    Charlotte Snyder, Peyton VanDerheyden, Diana VanWormer, Arika Vogel

Producer: Peyton VanDerheyden

Co-Directors: Casey Kobylar, Peyton VanDerheyden

Choreography: Peyton VanDerheyden, Casey Kobylar