The RCS Varsity Football team played and won a game against Peru this past Saturday. A family from the Peru Central School District has made the accusation that some RCS players used racial slurs during the game. RCS has been investigating this claim, and to date, no officials issued a penalty during the game for such behavior, the Peru coaching staff did not hear these comments being made, the Peru coaching staff did not mention this concern to any RCS coaching staff during or after the game, and no RCS players have been able to corroborate the claim. The officials spoke to our coaches numerous times about other calls throughout the duration of the game, but no such comments, or concerns about such comments, were reported to, or heard by, our coaching staff during or after the game. 

These are serious accusations, and such behavior will not be tolerated on or off of our playing fields. We are disheartened that what appeared to be a clean and respectful game, that ended in players from opposing teams shaking hands and hugging, is being overshadowed by these, as of yet, unfounded accusations on social media. We will continue to investigate and, if necessary, take the appropriate action for any student/athlete who has violated our code of conduct.