School staff were notified today of a threat written on the wall of a middle school student bathroom. The threat was sloppily written, general in nature, said the words “school shooting,” and had a date of either 11/18 or 11/28. The threat itself is being investigated to determine how and when it was written. The school has notified the Albany County Sheriff’s Office and, as an added precaution, they will provide an additional law enforcement presence on our middle/high school campus during school this coming Monday and for our evening awards ceremony celebrating accomplishments achieved during the first quarter.

Please also take a moment to reinforce with your students our expectation that our schools remain safe from threats of any kind or intimidation. Safety for our students and staff is our number one priority, and we always take all threats very seriously here at RCS. If any student sees or hears anything suspicious, concerning, or questionable, including, but not limited to, any specific threats or suspicious activity, we ask that they immediately report these concerns to a trusted adult, district administration, and/or law enforcement. We will continue to work with local and regional law enforcement to keep our schools safe.