Athletics Update

For the 2022-23 winter athletic contests, Section II Athletics announced that it will use GoFan digital ticketing for spectators to purchase tickets to ‘sectional only’ events. Section II will utilize GoFan ticketing for the following sports: Indoor Track & Field, Swimming & Diving, Boys/Girls Basketball, Wrestling, and Bowling. 

Click here to view details regarding which events require tickets and cost information. GoFan digital ticketing will only be used for events where Section II is the host. 

Please click here to visit the Section II GoFAN Page to purchase tickets for these events

For contests that do not have a price listed, spectators should contact the host school/Athletic Director to confirm ticket purchase options (cash on-site or online ticketing through GoFan) & spectator restrictions/limitations.

Sectional games held at RCS will accept cash for tickets at the door. Long entry lines will be expected for any spectators paying with cash; spectators are encouraged to purchase digital tickets.

Click here to view the RCS Athletics Schedule.