5th-Grade AWB students explore the world through influential figures

Recently, the 5th-grade students in Mrs. Fiore's English Language Art and Social Studies class at AWB finished a project that focused on choosing someone influential in the world and learning all about them. The project helped students work on their research and presentation skills while bringing awareness to many influential individuals across the globe. 

The students started by selecting a person of interest. They could have known a bit about them or nothing at all. From there, they read a book from the Who is, Who was series, wrote an informative essay and speech, and then presented it to the class! 

“The students did an exemplary job,” said 5th-grade Teacher Mrs. Fiore. “It has been a wonderful journey watching the students bring these important figures to life as they learn about them and their contributions to our society.”

There are many posters and essays currently hanging in the 5th-grade hallway at AWB for the whole school to enjoy! Great job, Mrs. Fiore’s Class! 

Check out some of their projects here: