A.W. Becker Future Teachers of America Club

The A.W. Becker Future Teachers of America Club (pictured above) has been very busy! Nothing helps future teachers more than getting to practice their educator skills and work one-on-one with students. Recently, the club members have been pairing up with some kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students to help them work on their reading skills. More specifically, they have been working on sight words, letter sounds, and letter identification through hands-on games. Many of the club members have even created their own games to use when helping their younger peers. 

“Seeing the students work together has been so incredible,” said AWB Future Teachers of America Club Advisor Tara Stott. “Not only is our club enjoying and learning from the experience, but many teachers have reported that the student we are working with have made progress in the area they were working on! A truly rewarding experience for all of the students and staff involved.” 

The Future Teachers of America Club at A.W. Becker was started with the goal of helping students learn about and explore the teaching profession. They also aim to provide realistic education experiences to the interested students, all while having fun. The club has done many activities this year like making educational games, working with students, designing their own logo, and they have begun preparations for the students to take the American Red Cross Babysitting Course. Additionally, they have been interviewing teachers and staff, including AWB Principal Mrs. Neubart to gain more insight into the educational career field. 

They hope to expand their tutoring sessions to include more students throughout the building in the future. They also hope to be able to connect with the High School Future Teacher of America Club on some activities. No better place to learn about teaching than directly from the source, our wonderful RCS teachers themselves! 

Keep up the great work everyone!