Earth Day artwork.

With Earth Day being last Friday, April 22, our students have been busy participating in various projects to highlight the importance of this day to inform themselves and others, about keeping our planet healthy for generations to follow. Several of RCS students submitted works of art – whether it’s poetry, essays, or electronic art pieces – as part of Senator Hinchey’s (D, WF) Earth Day Program. As part of this initiative, selected winning candidates will have their submissions published on the Senator’s website, and each participating student will receive a personalized certificate from Senator Hinchey. 

The theme for this year’s program is “Ways we can protect and care for our home, Earth.” 

“Earth Day presents numerous opportunities for our students to share their thoughts and ideas on how to keep our planet moving on an environmentally safe path,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian Bailey. “Students are allowed to utilize their experience in a number of subjects to share their thoughts and feelings on how to make our planet better. We appreciate Senator Hinchey for providing that platform and allowing our students to highlight those important concepts.”

Founded in 1970, Earth Day is a day of education about environmental issues surrounding the health and safety of Earth. The holiday is now a global celebration that is sometimes extended into Earth Week, a full seven days of events focused on green living and confronting the climate crisis.

Great job to all of the students who participated! They did a fantastic job! These students are:

Kylie M.
Madison B.
Alexis D.
Fiona E.
Colbie H.
Francis C.
Baylea W.
Amelia J.
Jackson R.
Kieran O.
Tyler A. Liam F.