AWB Art Club with mural

The Art Club at A.W. Becker has been busy creating beautiful murals these past few weeks. They used their communication and collaboration skills to bring the murals to life! These large, four by eight ft murals will be hung in the AWB band room for all to enjoy.  

The first step was deciding what the design would be. The Art Club members decided to illustrate their love of Band and all things music. They then chose a variety of instruments and four different genres of music to represent when creating their designs. 

After they had a plan, they sketched out a composition on large pieces of paper. They used pictures of instruments and music imagery as their guide. The sketch was then transferred from paper to the wooden panels using transfer paper. 

Next, Art Club had a blast mixing colors of acrylic paint and bringing the mural to life with bright colors and lively designs. For the finishing touch, they added a bold black outline around the edges of each instrument, note, and music symbol to make things pop.  

“The students did an excellent job,” said A.W. Becker Art Teacher Ms. Clare Esmond. “Creating these murals was motivating for Art Club members because we love music, we had the freedom to create our own designs and layout, and we knew that our work was going to be a bright addition to A.W. Becker's band room!”

Big thank you to the AWB Art Club for creating these beautiful murals for AWB students and staff to enjoy!