AWB Wackadoodles Running Club

For the past seven weeks, 38 grades 3, 4, and 5 students at A.W. Becker have been training to run the 12th Annual Freihofer’s 1 Mile and 3K (1.86 miles) Kids Run, which occurred last Saturday, June 4. 

The students' training included staying after school three days a week and preparing their bodies to run the race by learning how to stretch, how to pace themselves, and how to mentally prepare and endure distance running. 

This program was originally started by Cheryl Morenz, who taught physical education for many years at RCS. 

The program continues the tradition with the same name she called it when she started the program, The Wackadoodle Running Club. Wackadoodles, as it is now affectionately called, was led this year by Mr. Herwick and Mrs. LaDue.

Out of 18 possible 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards given for the 3k race, 8 were earned by our WACKADOODLES runners and WACKADOODLES alumni (now in Middle School). Full results can be found here:

Special thanks to our AWB PTA for funding our WACKADOODLE t-shirts and to Karen Waddingham for making them! 

These grades 3, 4, and 5 students were part of the Wackadoodle Running Club this year: 

Lilyanna Benassi
Harper Blanchard
Noah Blevins
Alexis Brailey
Gavin Brozowski
Josh Brozowski
Kamryn Brozowski
Sophia Bylsma
Ella Deloughery
Marshall Dorsey
Maxwell Dulay
Avery Einhorn
Fiona Englehardt
Leighila Goodine
Abigail Gordon
Jayden Harrington
Logan Haslam
Hayden Dixon
Colbie Hurlbut
Shane Leonard
Kylie McGuinness
Taylor McMullen
Kiernan Moore
Maksim Moya
Raelynn Myers
Mikayla Pagan
Alek Plakas
Amy Rappazzo
Natalie Sanchez
Paige Sayre
Kaylee Sinisgalli
Bryson Sloan
Kaleb Sloan
Beatrice Z. Smith
Madeleine Summers
Briana Vaval
Tyler Williams

Catalina Wheeler
Kayla Plakas
Parker Deyoe
Mason Brozowski
Aubrey Meddaugh
Liana Sinisgalli
Payten Olmsted
Mason Brozowski
Jack Smith