PBC Third Grade Talks Weather With Reid Kisselback from WNYT  Group picture of students and teachers

Pieter B. welcomed Meteorologist Reid Kisselback from WNYT to speak to third-grade students learning about weather.

During the visit, Reid gave the students insight into the world of meteorology and what goes into reporting the weather on TV. He explained how he gathers and analyzes data from various sources and creates graphics using the data so we can view it on TV. He also talked about the challenges of predicting the weather accurately and why it's essential to keep people informed of potential weather hazards. 

The students were excited to learn about meteorology, and they eagerly asked him questions about his job and the weather. Questions ranged from how Rainbows formed to what happens if your green screen breaks on air. At the end of the discussion, Reid conducted a weather experiment with the help of students to demonstrate how clouds form. 

We want to thank Reid for visiting Pieter B. Our students and teachers left with a newfound appreciation for the work that meteorologists do!