PBC 3rd Graders Finish Weather Unit with Final Experiment: Images of each group of students with their experiment and graphic of a house on stilts.

Mrs. Boehm's third-grade class concluded their science unit on weather yesterday with a class experiment. After researching the impact of extreme weather and how communities rebuild after disasters, like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, students worked in groups to create a structure that would protect a home from flooding and high winds.
For the structural integrity test of their paper houses, students had to create a support that could withstand flooding of over two inches of standing water and wind from a hairdryer for more than five seconds. Each group presented its structures to the class before testing and hypothesized the outcome. As with every experiment, each group reflected on what worked in their design and what parts may have affected the outcome.
Moving on from their weather unit, Mrs. Boehm's class will be researching fossils in their next science unit.