Students watching a job fair presentation

On Friday, February 17, the RCS High School hosted a Business Fair that was attended by over 100 juniors and seniors! The fair was put together by High School Librarian Sandra Gollop and High School Certified Work Based Learning Coordinator Maureen Martin in the High School Career Cafe. It offered students, who are close to ending their k-12 educational journey, a look into the vast opportunities provided by local and international companies within their community. 

The Business Fair included some of the RCS Communities' largest companies; SABIC, Composite Technology & Infrastructure (CTI), Owens Corning, CSX, Ducommun, Fabcon Precast, and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Eastern District. Each business gave a presentation about their company and the different opportunities they have to offer our students either before and/or after graduation. The students also had the chance to meet with each business individually to ask questions, gain more insight, get job applications, and sign up for some tours of their local facilities. 

“It was so amazing to watch so many of our students engage with the companies and consider their options,” said High School Librarian Ms. Gollop. “It is so important to help students establish connections with their community and educate them about the endless possibilities that are available right now and in their near future. We are very grateful for these companies who came to meet with our students today.”

Students had the opportunity to sign-up for the business fair in the weeks leading up to it. Additionally, the Introduction to Business class and Career and Financial Management class were able to attend a portion of it as it directly related to their class curriculum. Production Systems, a technology class, also attended. The Business Fair was another wonderful chance for our students to explore their options upon graduation, tying into the District’s goals of preparing all students for employment, enrollment, or enlistment after graduation. 

A big thank you to all of the companies, students, and staff that were able to join us!