students working on the project in the hallways

In honor of Black History Month, RCS High School Teacher Mr. Adam Brady created a gallery walk in the history hallway of notable Black Americans of both past and present. Each year, the month of February is celebrated across the country to honor and recognize the powerful impacts and contributions made by Black Americans while also recognizing that much work must still be done. 

For the project, students in all history classes walked the hallway and answer some questions about what they learned. One question asked was, Discuss/Describe an individual that you learned about in this gallery walk that you connected with. 

The students had some truly powerful answers, including, “Serena Williams revolutionized sports for women and people of color. She shattered records and has dominated the sport with 23 titles. I connect with her because as someone who does sports, guys often look down on me or think they are better just because they are men. So, Serena inspires me to stay confident."

Some of the individuals on the wall include Billie Holiday, Serena Williams, J. Cole, Jackie Robinson, Shirley Chisholm, John Lewis, and more. Their contributions have helped change the course of history, bringing forward advancements in science, technology, art, sports, and government, just to name a few. In total, 21 individuals are represented by the project. 

“Although diversity and the inclusion of all Americans is an everyday focus in our history classes, February provides an extra opportunity to highlight the contributions and achievements of black Americans to our nation’s history. Black history is American history and has educational value in our classrooms,” said High School History Teacher Adam Brady. “It was great to see that each of the students could identify with or find inspiration from some of the individuals highlighted in the presentation. Whether a student found inspiration through a musical legend like Nina Simone, a political figure like Bayard Rustin, or someone overcoming the obstacles in their lives, there is something for every student to connect with.”

The project spotlights the importance of continuing to learn new things and expanding your understanding of the world around us through the lens of all individuals, not just a select few. With a deeper understanding of American history with projects like this one, our communities can continue to grow and celebrate our differences.