Dancing cast of the Addams Family

As the beginning of March ushers in Music In Our Schools Month, one of the annual highlights of this time has been the RCS High School Drama Club performances, and this year is no different! 

“With opening night upon us, we are thrilled to share this weekend’s performances with the greater RCS Community,” said K-12 Art and Music Curriculum Content Specialist and High School Drama Club Co-Director Michelle McLoughlin. “For every aspect of the production, so many people have been working tirelessly for many months to prepare this unique musical comedy, and to see it finally come to fruition is so exciting. We are especially proud of the work the Drama Club members have done and know you will be amazed at their talents on stage and behind the scenes and their immense dedication to this show. ” 

The RCS High School Drama Club’s performances of the musical The Addams Family premiere TONIGHT! The show will run on March 10, 11, and 12. All performances are open to the public.

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The musical comedy The Addams Family is based on the characters created by Charles Addams in his single-panel cartoons. Brought to life over the years through a variety of media forms, the family and their stories are beloved by many and known for their dark and creepy take on life. This musical comedy centers around Wednesday Addams’ desire to marry someone “normal,” and we see her toil with her kooky family’s values when her new boyfriend, Lucas Beineke, and his family come to the Addams family home. Chaos ensues, but in the end, love and family triumph, and “normal” is deemed as overrated. 

“We are so grateful for the time and effort put into the show by all of those who are involved, from the stage crew to our volunteers and everyone in between,” said High School Drama Club Co-Director and Teacher Assistant Peyton VanDerheyden. “I was involved in the shows during my time as a student at RCS High School, and it has been an absolute pleasure to come back and collaborate with everyone on this performance. They have truly put their heart into it.”

“This show is a joy from start to finish and will surely have you belly laughing as our cast brings these infamous characters to life onstage,” said High School English Teacher and High School Drama Club Co-Director Emily Hass. “It is a culmination of many hours of hard work from the cast and production team and is truly a labor of love.” 

The RCS High School Drama Club productions have continued to be a community event. Many alumni and community members volunteer their time and resources to help with the show. They contribute to the dancing, sounds, lighting, costumes, and overall experience for our students, making it better and better each year. The Drama Club is incredibly grateful for all of the support from the students, staff, parents, volunteers, and community members that have helped make the show a success. 

Break a leg to all of the students involved in the production! Come see them live this weekend!

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Directors: Michelle McLoughlin, Emily Hass & Peyton VanDerheyden

Natalia Alonso
Emma Banahan*
Joshua Bassett*
AnneMarie Bradt*
Angelina Brandt*
Katherine Burch
Caileigh Burnham
Cameron Canosa
Kaleigh Canosa
CJ Conti
Helena Desnoyers
Kylie D’Esposito*
Stephanie Diaz
Christopher Dodway
Lisa Grandy
Jenna Grogan*
Carolyn Hammond
Victoria O’Brien
Kofi Opoku-Aning
Alivia Ortiz
Cooper Penzabene
Elizabeth Robertson*
Hannah Ryan*
Sonia Snyder
Abigail St. John
Kyra Therrien
Paul Truncale
Katori Ross
Aurora Wagner

Stage Managers: Jasmine Weidman* & Arika Vogel*
Assistant Stage Manager: Nina Kozlowski
Garrett Bailey
Owen Chambers
Zeppelin Chateauneuf
Carina Contento
Carl-Hanee Coquillon
Gabriella D’Esposito
Isabella Dulay
Stephan Fitzgerald
Alexis Gallogly
Cheyenne Jubin
Stephen Mathai
Maeve Newkirk*
Casiana Pagan
Kadance Pickup
John Robertson
Hannah Staats
Ash Stickle
Brody White
Jacob Williams

Pit Orchestra: Harry Lindmark*
Choreography: Peyton VanDerheyden

RCS Alumni: 
Tom Marra
Cynthia Neumann
Rachel Neumann
Charlotte Snyder
Kevin Thorne
Peyton VanDerheyden
Diana VanWormer
Scott VanWormer
Scotty VanWormer

*indicates Seniors

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