Youth Art Month: Artists of the Month, Middle & High School Edition!

Artist of the Month is an RCS High School program that acknowledges an art student each month. The Artist of the Month is a student who comes to class each day ready to learn, participates in class, is dedicated to their projects, and has a positive attitude. 

As part of Youth Art Month, each school selected students that embody the criteria above to be their Art Students of the Month for March! Last week we shared our Elementary Art Students of the Month, and this week we are sharing our Middle and High School Students!

Huge congratulations to these students for all their hard work and dedication to their craft. 

The Art Students of the Month for March are Adam Gardner (MS), Keona Carter (MS), Lily McCormack (MS), Matthew Levesque (HS), Jenna Grogan (HS), Conor Reinisch (HS), and Abby McDermott (HS)! 

Learn about these students and their work below! 

Middle School

Adam Gardner is a 7th grader who always comes prepared to class. He is a dedicated artist who takes his craftsmanship seriously. Recently, Adam has been working on a collage cityscape that incorporates a combination of newspaper and acrylic paints.  

I applaud both Keona Carter and Lily McCormack for their beautifully rendered optical illusion illustrations. Lilly and Keona are mastering shading techniques and their blending skills with colored pencils. Both girls have also put in a lot of effort into the inking process and their craftsmanship. 

Work by Keona Carter: 

Work by Lily McCormack:

Congratulations to Adam, Keona, & Lily for being the Middle School Art Students of the Month! 

High School 

Matthew Levesque is a 12th-grade student currently enrolled in Photography. We are very proud of his curiosity and ability to push himself to explore new areas of Art. Most recently, he has been working with a film camera. Matthew is also a very active member of the National Art Honor Society!

Jenna Grogan is a 12th grader who is currently exploring photography! Jenna pays careful attention to content and takes her time when framing each of her images. She has a wonderful eye for texture as well! We look forward to seeing more of her work! 

Conor Reinisch is a 9th-grade student currently enrolled in Studio in Art. When Connor comes to class, he is always ready to try a new art material. He is very focused on details and is proud of his work. 

Abby McDermott is a 10th-grade student currently enrolled in Studio in Art. Abby comes in extra to do art and make sure her work is always up to her standard. Abby is also an active member of Art Club and Ceramics Club.

Congratulations to Matthew, Jenna, Conor, & Abby for being the High School Art Students of the Month!