RCS Senior Paige Goodell.

In March 2020, many of our lives were drastically changed with the onset of COVID-19. Our schedules, lifestyles, and everyday experiences were greatly altered. Each student, parent/caregiver and teacher’s outlook were shifted into a new learning environment. At RCS, each student has a story to tell and they have worked tirelessly to do the best they can during this time. 

RCS Senior Paige Goodell has made a change for the better during the pandemic. Faced with odds that often make learning difficult for her, she shifted to a positive mindset with her academic studies. With encouragement from her teacher Ms. McCormack, she was able to stay focused and raise her grades, while focusing on her pathway after high school. This Q&A will delve into her commitment and show that each student has a gift to share related to learning in today’s classroom, and how that process works best for them.

“Paige is an inspirational young woman. She has proven time and time again that she is resilient and doesn't let anything stop her from reaching her goals,” said RCS Special Education Teacher Ms. McCormack. “Paige has a very bright future and will be a success in all that she does. I am so proud of her!”

“Paige's academic "turnaround" at the end of her high school career is both amazing and inspirational,” said RCS High School Counselor Peter Dwyer. “She persevered, trusted her teachers and she has been rewarded with fantastic senior year grades. I would give her the comeback student of the year award. I am excited for her future!”

Ms. Goodell is considering attending Hudson Valley Community College in the fall.

Now, let’s learn more about Paige and her message for students, parents and teachers:

How did you adjust your learning technique during COVID-19? If so, how did you prepare for today’s classroom?

I tried to connect with my teachers to build a schedule that works best for me. In addition, I always make sure I get up on time and stay focused. Structure has played a huge role in my classroom success.

What teacher provided you with the ability to make changes to your school work/studying?

Ms. McCormack and Ms. Martin have been great in helping me adjust my studying process. Each teacher assisted me with helping to see the big picture and always work to do better.

What do you recommend for students to keep focused in their studies?

I would tell them to never give up and always ask for help. It’s ok to not have all of the answers. Our RCS teachers are always available to guide us in the right direction.

Any advice for achieving your educational goals?

Try to always participate in class and never give up on becoming a better person and student. Hard work does pay off, if you’re willing to put in the effort and do your best.