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In a year like no other, the Fall II sports season at RCS was quick, but held special memories for the coaches of RCS seniors finishing their RCS athletic careers. As part of that recognition, the district communications department reached out to Athletic Director Bob Dorrance and all of the Fall II coaches to highlight this special group of senior athletes to commemorate their hard work and representation of the RCS District.

“This has been a year that has no comparison,” said RCS Athletic Director Robert Dorrance. “To have an opportunity to give these student-athletes the ability to compete and do what they love was important. The highlights and memories of their careers should be recognized and we are proud of how ALL of our athletes competed, regardless of their sport. Congratulations to our RCS seniors as they move on to greater opportunities. We thank you for your hard work and dedication in becoming better athletes and individuals.”

This year, the Fall II sports season ran from March 7 to May 1. Below is a list of senior athletes, provided by their coaches, as we close the chapter on Fall II sports.

Boys Cross Country -Varsity

Jared Lamson
Chris Rarick

Girls Swim Team - Varsity

Megan Buzas
Ginny Frazee

Girls Volleyball - Varsity

Ashley Cross
Caitlyn DeLuca
Grace Engel
Caitlyn Gallagher
Meaghan Houk
Brianna Keyer
Bailey Polverelli

RCS Cheerleading - Varsity

Bailey Grogan
Lindsey Powell

RCS Football – Varsity

Nate Eacho
Kameron Gonzalez
Ernie Greene
Kyle Kerrigan
Eric Mattick
Louie Newburg
Jason Reif
John Zimmerman

RCS Girls Soccer – Varsity

Ashley Bienvenue 
Hailey Boomer
Claire Pike 
Lauren Sanderson 
Olivia Wilcox 

RCS Boys Soccer – Varsity

Oliver Rossi
Kevin Ryan
Earl Thomasson