Students singing

The RCS High School Drama Club loves providing the community with live musical performances for them to enjoy! Although it has not been easy, they have persevered and were able to put on a digital release-only show last year. This year, however, they are back on the High School stage with live performances! 

The RCS High School Drama Club’s performances of the Disney musical Newsies premiers TONIGHT! The show will run on March 11, 12, and 13. All performances are open to the public. View more information about the performance, sneak peeks of the show, and how to get tickets here

“We are incredibly excited to be back on stage with live performances,” said K-12 Art and Music Curriculum Content Specialist and High School Drama Club Co-Director Michelle McLoughlin. “The students have poured their hearts into this performance, and it shines through in every scene. We are incredibly proud of all of our students, and seeing them do their very best work and grow throughout this process has been an extraordinary and remarkable journey.” 

The musical Newsies is based on the Newsboys' strike of 1899. The musical highlights the beginning of the workers’ rights movement in the United States in the early 1900's to create an interactive learning experience for the audience. Jack, the leader of the Newsies, is a gifted artist that leads the group on a mission for fair working conditions. The audience will get to experience tap, jazz, broadway dancing, and much more as they are brought along on the youth-led campaign for a more equitable work-life. 

“It is such a labor of love for everyone involved from the stage crew to our volunteers and everyone in between. Seeing it come together is really special,” said High School English Teacher and High School Drama Club Co-Director Emily Hass. “Theater and the arts are such an amazing outlet for our students to express themselves. As we move back to this space, to the stage, it has been so meaningful and memorable for all of us.”

The RCS High School Drama Club productions have always been a community event. Many alumni and community members volunteer to help with the show. They contribute to the dancing, sounds, lighting, costumes, and overall experience for our students. The Drama Club is incredibly thankful for all of the support from the students, staff, parents, volunteers, and community members that have helped make the show a success. 

Break a leg to all of the students involved in the production! Come see them live this weekend! See below for some sneak peek photos!  

Cast: *indicates Seniors 

  • Emma Banahan
  • Katherine Birch 
  • Angelina Brandt 
  • Caitlin Collins 
  • Kylie D’Esposito 
  • Madeline Dewsbury* 
  • Allison Evans 
  • Victoria Faragon* 
  • Jenna Grogan 
  • Lydia Hommel* 
  • Makayla Morris* 
  • Maria Morrow* 
  • Arianna Ortiz* 
  • Cooper Penzabene 
  • Christopher Pittz 
  • Renee Rivers* 
  • Elizabeth Robertson
  • Katori Ross 
  • Sonia Snyder 
  • Abigail St. John 
  • Paul Truncale 
  • Chesnie Waddingham 
  • Aurora Wagner 
  • Aidan White* 
  • Brody White

Crew: *indicates Seniors

  • Stage Managers: Chesnie Waddingham* & Tyler Schwabrow*
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Jasmine Weidman
  • AnneMarie Bradt
  • Sydney Campbell
  • Zeppelin Chateauneuf
  • Anthony Close
  • Robert Conners
  • Carl-Hanee Coquillon
  • Savanna Fitzgerald
  • Nina Kozlowski
  • Casiana Pagan
  • Maeve Newkirk
  • William Robertson*
  • Hannah Ryan
  • Arika Vogel
  • Brody White

Pit Orchestra: Harry Lindmark 

Choreography: Molly Engelhardt 

RCS Alumni:

  • Simon Lindmark
  • Thomas Marra
  • Cindy Neumann
  • Rachel Neumann
  • Charlotte Snyder
  • Kevin Thorne
  • Peyton VanDerheyden
  • Diana VanWormer
  • Scott VanWormer
  • Scotty VanWormer