Students Awarded

On Thursday, June 9, the RCS Athletic Department, in partnership with the RCS Sports Association, held an awards ceremony at Joralemon Park to recognize the accomplishments of RCS student-athletes. The event celebrated RCS student-athletes in each sport, seniors awards, and the End-of-the-Year awards. These awards honor and recognize the dedication, sportsmanship, and skills of our talented student-athletes! 

For end-of-year awards, Uchenna Uba and Ryan Southworth were named Athletes of the Year. The Coaches Award was given to Erik Chapman and Katie Pagnotta. The Sportsmanship Award was presented to Nick Abrams and Mollie McFerran. Additionally, the Scholar-Athlete Award, along with an individual $250 scholarship, went to Izzak King and Mollie McFerran.  To learn more about the qualifications for these awards, please click here

Each RCS varsity sport also presented the awards of Most Valuable Player and Most Improved Player for each team. Additionally, the Stephen McGowen Award was given to Ryan Southworth. This award goes annually to a graduating senior basketball player who has been positively affected in some way by their time as an RCS basketball player and plans to continue their education at the college level. It is a one-time $250 scholarship. The award is sponsored by the Stephen G. McGowan family.

Congratulations to all of these students on a job well done! It took a lot of heart and hard work to be nominated for these distinguished awards. 

Mollie McFerran
Katie Pagnotta
Uchenna Uba
Julianna Tourangeau
Chesnie Waddingham
Maria Morrow
Lauryn Reville
Erik Chapman
Jayden McClellan
Brianna Strock
Noah Algozzine
Gavin Trosclair
Regina Ware-Salazar
Ryan Southworth
Xavier Bermudez
Laurel Ticer
Deondre English
Zander Alaimo
Jason Margiasso
Adrianna Rolon
Skylar Hyslop
Catie Johnson
Will Robertson
Gavin Trosclair
Michelle Norton

Sport Most Valuable Player Most Improved Player
FOOTBALL Ryan Southworth and Erik Chapman Ryan Graham
BOYS SOCCER Ben Cruz Andrew Ginder
GIRLS SOCCER Chesnie Waddingham  Hannah Vanderzee 
GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY Michelle Norton none
VOLLEYBALL Sara Hotaling and Adriana Diaz Rolon  Kaylee Howe
GOLF Jayden McClellan Tyler Carrk
GIRLS TENNIS Elizabeth Robertson Jessica Diaz
GIRLS SWIMMING/DIVING Jayme Fink Alyssa Grogan
CHEERLEADING FALLAlyssa Gallogly Kylie D'Esposito
BOYS BASKETBALL Jack McFerran Jack Reif
GIRLS BASKETBALL Hannah VanDerzee Mollie McFerran
WRESTLING Frank Broadhurst Kaden Potter
BOYS INDOOR TRACK Max May Jacob Abrams
GIRLS INDOOR TRACK Uchenna Uba and Julianna Tourangeau Maria Morrow
BOYS BOWLING Konnor Kramer Brendan Leonard
GIRLS BOWLING Kayla Stanton  Louisa Engelhardt
BOYS SWIMMING/DIVING Ethan Gilbert Niko Plakas
CHEERLEADING WINTERNiquela Green Juliana Fahey
BASEBALL Noah Algozzine Jack McFerran
SOFTBALL Summer Jones Eve Krell
BOYS TENNIS Keenan Pagan Parker Deyoe and Aaron Canosa
BOYS TRACK Deondre English Erik Chapman
GIRLS TRACK Uchenna Uba and Katie Pagnotta Laurel Ticer

End of Year Awards Male Female
Athlete of the Year Ryan Southworth Uchenna Uba
Coaches Award Erik Chapman Katie Pagnotta
Sportsmanship Award Nick Abrams Mollie McFerran
Scholar-Athlete Izzak King Mollie McFerran
Stephen McGowen Award Ryan Southworth n/a