RCS High School Students Participate in Students Against Destructive Decisions Prom Safety Program on Impaired Awareness

On June 2, the RCS High School SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Club, in partnership with the New York State Police and Albany County Stop DWI, presented activities surrounding the dangers of impairment and drunk driving. 

Although it was a reminder for the upcoming Senior and Junior Proms, the group emphasized the importance of always making safe choices. This reminder is supported by the fact that, according to New York State, drunk drivers cause more than 17,000 deaths annually. This equates to 310 funerals each week, or one death every 30 minutes. In New York State, slightly more than 30% of fatal crashes are alcohol-related. 

During their PE class, study hall, or lunch period, students took part in a number of interactive activities. They started with a safety course that covered the dangers of impairment and tools they can use to stay safe and make good choices. They also used fatal vision goggles with Walk the Line to replicate what it would feel like to be impaired and how difficult it is to keep yourself and others safe while in that state. 

Additionally, they had a car crash machine that simulated what it would feel like to experience a dangerous crash at slow speeds. Everyone knows that crashes at high speeds are very dangerous, but slow-speed crashes are extremely underestimated when considering the effects they can have. This hands-on opportunity highlighted this to the students. 

“Whether it is the impending Prom season, summer, or any time of the year, impaired decision-making is never a good choice,” said SADD Club Advisor and Science Teacher Matt Miller. “While teen drinking has thankfully decreased, there has been a corresponding and dramatic rise in marijuana use and illicit drug use, especially opioids. Students don't equate the use of these substances while driving with drunk driving but they are equally as destructive. Beyond driving, simply getting themselves into an impaired state can greatly affect their safety while walking in crowds, and in basic decision-making. We hope today's event will open their eyes to these concerns and give them the strength and courage to make positive decisions. We want our students to celebrate and live life without mood-altering substances.”

Although the students had a good time participating in the event, it is a serious reminder that one decision could cost you, your friends, or your loved ones, the ultimate price, especially as we gear up to celebrate the end of the year and head into summer. 

RCS SADD looks forward to more informative events in the future in order to help HS students make positive and life-affirming decisions.

Big thank you to the SADD Club, New York State Police, Albany County Stop DWI, as well as all of the students and staff who participated.