Superintendent Student Council Application

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Among the many joys of my position as superintendent is the opportunity to visit classrooms in our four schools and come away with a first-hand glimpse of the teaching and learning happening within our community. These visits are almost universally informative, rewarding, and revealing in many ways. The sum total of our years with your child at RCS should result in them being well-prepared for employment, enrollment, or enlistment after graduation. Visiting classrooms is one way to measure our success along this path.  

I also recognize that there is much to learn from the students whom we serve. Our students may possess the best ideas and insights about their school and experience. To that end, I am looking to create a forum in which students can meet with me to engage in meaningful discussions about the student experience at RCS and how we may improve programs and opportunities for all students. This forum will be called the Superintendent Student Council. The Council will be composed of up to 20 students, representing grades 9-12. Meetings will:

  • Include personal/professional development and discussion about the students’ school-related experiences at RCS

  • Occur on a monthly basis during the school day for 80 minutes (two periods) on a rotating schedule between and including periods 3 and 8

  • Take place in RCS High School or a nearby location in-district

  • Include lunch for the participants

Students will need to complete an “Optional Field Trip Form” and secure permission from their classroom teachers in order to attend each monthly meeting. Participation in the Council is a one-year commitment, although students may choose to resign at any time. 

Please share this invitation with your student(s) in grades 8-11 if this is an opportunity that you believe your child might wish to consider. I will also be inviting students through their school email addresses. Here is a link to the student application. Students will be randomly selected, and all students will be notified by email of whether they have been selected by Thursday, June 23, 2022. A waiting list will be created for students who may not be able to participate in the Council for the 22-23 school year.

Thank you for your consideration,

Brian Bailey, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools