Student getting award

Last night, the RCS Class of 2026 celebrated an important milestone during their journey at the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District. 8th-grade students, their families, friends, and Middle School teachers and staff came together to hold the 8th Grade Moving Up Celebration! 

It was a wonderful evening, as the students were recognized for all of their hard work during their time at the Middle School. Students were presented with certificates of achievement, and the 7th and 8th-grade chorus performed to mark the special occasion. There were words of inspiration and encouragement from Middle School Principal Denise Capece, Middle School Assistant Principal Chris Adamek, High School Assistant Principal Herb Tedford, and fellow 8th-grade students Bradley Brenner, Kauê Pereira, and Mackenzie Cross. Additionally, the Student Recognition Awards were also presented along with the 8th-grade slideshow that contained photos from over the years. 

“I am incredibly proud of our 8th graders for all of their kindness, dedication, and perseverance over the last few years,” said Middle School Principal Denise Capece. “Supporting them as they have grown with the help of our amazing teachers and staff has been an absolute joy. They have taught me so much, and I cannot wait to see all of the great things they accomplish at the RCS High School. Congratulations, 8th graders! You did it!”

Big thank you to the Middle School PTSO and all of the teachers, staff, families, and community members who donated their time and efforts to put together an unforgettable celebration for our students, as well as a great year! 

Class of 2026 – Congratulations!! 

Click here to view the 8th Grade Slideshow from last night!

Student Recognition Awards: 

  • Academic Award for Highest Average:
    • Math 8: Sandra Guzman-Ortiz & Hunter Goss
    • Math 8A: Nyjah Sanders & Johnathen Weaver
    • Algebra: Stephen Mathai & Ryan Ortloff
    • English: Sandra Guzman-Ortiz & Hunter Goss
    • English 8A: Jack Franz & Bradley Lawson
    • Honors English: Stephen Mathai & Autumn Lischak
    • Social Studies: Hunter Goss & Sandra Guzman-Ortiz
    • Honors Social Studies: Ryan Ortloff, Stephen Mathai & Owen Smith
    • Science 8: Sandra Guzman-Ortiz & Bradley Brenner
    • Earth Science: Ryan Ortloff
    • Español: Hannah Staats & Sandra Guzman-Ortiz
    • French: Kyra Therrien & Caileigh Burnham
    • Band: Owen Smith & Aiden Boehme
    • Chorus: Stephanie Diaz & Isabella Zimmermann
    • Music: Jack Franz, Abigail Porter & Sandra Guzman-Ortiz
    • Art: Sandra Guzman-Ortiz & Jillian Decker
    • Physical Education: Autumn Lischak & Sandra Guzman-Ortiz
  • Effort & Citizenship Award:
    • Math 8: Cameron Canosa
    • Math 8A: Johnathen Weaver
    • Algebra: Owen Smith
    • English: Gianna Krantz
    • English 8A: Riley Rinella
    • Honors English: Mackenzie Cross
    • Social Studies: Colten Christensen &  Sidney Young
    • Honors Social Studies: Carina Contento, Mackenzie Cross & Autumn Lischak
    • Science 8: Jack Franz
    • Earth Science: Autumn Lischak, Nico Bonilla & Stephen Mathai
    • French: Matthew TeRiele & Sidney Young
    • Band: Laila Rabideau   
    • Chorus: Caileigh Burnham
    • Music: Riley Rinella 
    • Technology: Hunter Goss & Laila Rabideau
    • Physical Education: Johnathon Weaver & Aubrey Meddaugh
  • Driscoll Award: Brianna Capuano
  • President’s Award: Ryan Ortloff & Stephanie Diaz
  • Indian Pride Award: Meg Visone

Here are some photos from the night: