Monitor Your Child's Progress

Contact Your Student's Teacher or Counselor

If you have any questions pertaining to your student's progress or schedule, you can contact their teacher or you can contact their counselors at:

Christa LaFranier
(518) 756-5200, ext. 4225 or

Thomas Trainor
(518) 756-5200, ext. 5231 or

Jennifer Estes
Last Names A-L
(518) 756-5200, ext. 3017 or

Kayla Hotaling
Last Names M-Z
(518) 756-5200, ext. 3038 or

Samantha Visicaro (VanPatten)
(518) 756-5200 ext. 2009 or

Laraine Gell
(518) 756-5200 ext. 2008 or

Briana Stevens
(518) 756-5200 ext. 2010 or

Click here to who your HS Counselor is.

SchoolTool Parent Portal

The SchoolTool Parent Portal provides secure access for parents and guardians to view their child’s contact, attendance, discipline and grade information as it is stored in our system.  Students in grades 6-12 also have access to the Portal using their school network email and password.

Parents and guardians who want to acquire a Parent Portal account will need to complete the Parent Portal Account Request and User Agreement. Each user must complete and sign the User Agreement.  Any unauthorized or malicious use of the Portal will result in the account being terminated.

Parents or guardians who have legal custody may request a Parent Portal account, unless there is a court order limiting their access to educational or contact information.  If another adult (not a parent or guardian) is to be given rights to create a Portal account for a student, all custodial parents must agree in writing.

All applications submitted during the summer will be processed at one time just before the start of school.  During the school year, it may take up to two weeks for the account to be created.

Students do NOT need to request an account.  The Portal account is created using the student’s school network information, and should be accessible by October of each school year for students in grades 6-12.  If your child has an account but cannot log in, they may need to reset their network password by logging on to a school network computer.

Updating Information

If you find incorrect information, or have changes that need to be made, please contact your child's school office with the updates.

Some changes require additional documentation:

  • Address changes: If your child's primary residence changes, you will need to complete an Change of Address Form and provide documents verifying the new address. For more information about acceptable documentation, see the Residency Documentation page.

  • Custody changes: Changes in custody relationships or rights should be supported by court documentation. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that an educational agency or institution shall give full rights and access to information to either parent, unless the agency or institution has been provided with evidence that there is a court order, State statute, or legally binding document relating to matters as divorce, separation or custody that specifically revokes these rights.