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On Thursday, March 25, the volunteer-based Budget Advisory Committee wrapped up its three month-long review of budget items for the district community. This committee reviewed a number of programmatic possibilities that the RCS District is seeking to invest in for next year and beyond. This planning focused on the long-term outcomes for students and their potential for employment, enrollment or enlistment. 

At the March 25 meeting the committee reviewed programmatic proposals that sought to fulfil the specific skills that the RCS community has identified as priorities for the skills and experiences for a well-rounded graduate: communication skills, career awareness and exploration, collaboration, persistence, volunteerism, critical thinking, creativity, and accountability. Some of the key items addressed during the meeting were:

  • Access to problem-based learning

  • Articulation between grade and building levels

  • Community partnerships and volunteerism

  • Career planning and pathways

Here is the presentation from the March 25, 2021 meeting. Have you missed out on what was discussed at our previous meetings? Those news articles can be found on the district’s news archive or you can select from the entries below:

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Please continue to follow the budget conversation by visiting the district’s Budget & Taxes web page. Here you will find additional reports, presentations and articles detailing the 2021-22 budget process. Those items can be found here.

As we continue to close in on the conclusion of our 2021-22 budget process, we are grateful for the work and dedication of our Budget Advisory Committee volunteers.